Ethelyn Hurd Woodlock

Ethelyn Hurd Woodlock

1907 - 2001


The Fine art of EthELYn Woodlock


Ethelyn Woodlock was a multi disciplinary artist who’s work ranges from 1907 - 2001. Best known for her surreal work, and “swinging boards” she worked in various mediums, as well as a wide range of artistic styles. We’ve broken down her vast portfolio into three categories, portraits, surreal, and landscapes.

Frequently using completely unconventional objects, each picture tells a story but the story depends to large extent on the impression each viewer derives.
— NY Gallery



Ethelyn Woodlock has to be rated as one of New Jersey’s foremost artists.
— Jean Ludlow
On the national level, Woodlock paintings have been accepted by many art groups, including Audubon and Knickerbocker artists. She exhibited in the Art Institute of Chicago by invitation, the Eastern States Exposition, as well as museums in Springfield and Fitchburg, Mass, and Salem, N.Y.A painting was accepted for a recent Allied Artists Exhibition at National Academy Galleries.
— Notably Notable Artist


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